Thursday, 28 June 2012


That sweet humid air hit my face the minute the plane door opened. 
Running through the terminal like I'm finishing a race to hug my mom and oma. 
The instant I was in her arms. Nothing can describe it. 
Tears. Smiles. Laughter.Finally. 
My bed. My room. My nephews. Mexican. Smores. Poolside. Walmart. Target.
So far it's been sweet bliss and I've only been here two days. 
I'll already go ahead and let you know I probably won't be posting much while I'm here. 
Because every waking moment is going to be cherished and spent doing things I can't do back in my other home. 

Thanks again Hannah for always pulling through with the amazing Music Mondays. Isn't she great yall? Is everyone else addicted to her spotifiy playlist like I am? Seriously check it out! 

Right. Time change aka jet lag has it that I am awake at 5 something in the morning. Might just go for a little run with the dog Shadow whom by the way is absolutely adorable. Not exactly as adorable as my two nephews. Braxton (who after hugging me said he missed me... MELT) and Easton who I have finally gotten to meet and want to eat his little toesies right off. 

Here is my visit so far in Instagram pictures. By the way if you follow me on Instagram I am sorry. I can get a little carried away with the snapping but I can't help it. 
cocktails with Allison

meet Allison my once roomie :) 

this kind of happened at like 11 o'clock at night.
 I couldn't resist any longer. 

Sitting on the back porch early morning as the sun comes up with Iced coffee. 
Don't mind if I do. 

Meet Shadow the new family addition. It's safe to say we get along just great.
Although he is quite heavy and seems to want to knock me down with his twice my weight size. 


Mommala. anyone notice anything? eh? eh? ;) 

Right. Now for that run..... I can hear shadow downstairs antsy pantsy for a little bonding time. 

Ta ta for now y'all. 


  1. target is always the FIRST place i have to go upon coming home from europe.

    heck, even walmart will do.

    1. haha I said the same thing. I never thought I'd be so excited to step into a walmart again. :)

  2. "alabama, arkansas, i do love my ma & pa..." :) couldn't help it! looks like you are having SO much fun! shadow looks a lot like the dog i had when i was growing up.


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