Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Worry not.

I saw this quote once and I wrote it down in a journal and saw it the other day as I was reading through old journal entries. I think it's so very true so I put it with one of my pictures taken to share.

We spend so much time worrying about what hasn't happened yet. At the end of the day we don't really know if tomorrow will really come do we? We aren't guaranteed anything but that breath you are taking right now. It seems so simple to think of it like that but we never do. We get caught back up in thinking of things way ahead of time that are out of our hands. 

My father in law and I were talking the other day and he said something that really kind of clicked. He was talking about this man he knows who has worked his arse off to build this big massive company and he was now a millionaire after all the hard work. He died last week and that's that. 

None of that goes with you. It stays here. Although all of these things such as clothes, cars, money make life a little bit easier, it's the memories we make that are the most expensive of items. The ones we hold dear to our heart. When we are gone; whether it's tomorrow, next month, five years or seventy years, our loved ones won't hold onto that really expensive dress you wore or look at your car for memories. All they will need to do is close their eyes and memories will play like an old film.

I don't really know where this post has come from but I've just kind of been thinking about materialism and worry in general lately. I sometimes find myself getting irritated because I've been wearing the same jeans for I dont know how many years or that I feel like I can't find something to wear to work. When in fact I have plenty of clothes. They may not be designer and they may have some wear and tear on them, collected through the years but they are clothes none the less. Even with that out of the way what does it actually matter? Or even just looks in general. I don't know about you but I catch myself worrying too much about what I look like. There it is I've admitted it. I don't really care but yet I do. Yes it's probably reasonable to say a little effort is a positive thing but where do we draw the line? A little blush here and there then a little more. Thicker mascara? Why not. I lose out on so much time getting ready sometimes it really is a joke.

How old my jeans are or if my shirt isn't name brand doesn't define me. Ill define myself by the way I present myself. How I treat others. My actions. I really want to work less on the things I don't like and focus that energy on things that I do. Not everyone was born with super model legs, flawless skin, long strands of hair that look as if they were made of silk. I feel a lot of the time focusing on the negative can really ruin my day. Negativity does that I guess. Let's all look in the mirror tonight and tell ourselves we are beautiful the way our mothers made us. Our bodies, clothes and materials do not define ourselves. We define ourselves.  

So I kind of got a little carried away there. 

Lesson of the day. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. For you and myself I sure do hope it does. 

Have a lovely evening everyone. 

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  1. thank you for this post! i feel like you were able to find the words to express a lot of things i feel on a daily basis, but have trouble saying or writing. i love this quote, and since i deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, keeping this quote in mind really helps me get through the day.


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