Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Date night.

So David and I have been doing alot of work and no play and decided that we would go for a nice quiet meal on Saturday. 
We were going to go to Mello Mello but they were closed so we decided to try and find somewhere new to go. We took a turn off Bold street and saw this place called Lucha Libre across from FACT picturehouse. 
It was this amazing Mexican Street Food restaraunt with amazingly friendly staff. 
You get chips and salsa WITH refills. (tell me where in England does this....) 
I mean its no La Huerta if any Arkansas friends are reading this but hey it's better than nothing. 
David had Fish Tacos and I had this amazing Black Mamba Chicken Salad. 
I usually never get salads when we go out as they usually have loads of gross dressing, needless different things and I'm never really satisfied but this was absolutely brilliant. It had pine nuts, papaya, apples, grilled chicken, greens and a drizzle of some Black Mamba sauce. Perfection. 
I also thought we would live a bit on the edge and have a drink. I had a peach margharita and David had a beer. Then afterwards instead of desert we both got a black coffee with Amaretto. Favourite.

Then our lovely waitor asked if we wanted to go downstairs for some drinks. 
There is a downstairs? 
Oh my goodness it was spectacular. 
It was like the walking dead. A tequilleria in dark settings. Old horse saddles turned bar stools, mexican type skulls and a tequilla shot list from HELL. 
David and I decided we would have a few shots. 
Let me tell you, tequilla and I don't play well together. 
I never ever ever drink it. 
For some reason I thought to fight the better judgement and have a few shots. 
Fast forward to 2 am and David and I are still in our booth right by the speakers singing along to songs from Kanye West to Stevie Wonder absolutely tanked having the time of our lives. 

I love that the two of us can go out and have so much fun. He really is my best friend and I couldnt have asked for a better husband. I can hardly believe it's almost been a year since the best day of my life. I love you David.



  1. This place sounds just like my kinda place, can we go please? Xx

    1. Im telling you its soooo absolutely amazing!!!We must go xx


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