Saturday, 9 June 2012

The world is my oyster

Enough said. 

Sometimes you just have to go deep into the forrest and let yourself go. 
Be one with nature. 
Take a moment and breathe in life. 
Listen to the birds chirp. Hear as the water trickles by. Let the wind hit your faces as it whispers by. 

Today was such a day. 
David has gone away for the weekend for a friends birthday. 
So after the gym with Kerry this morning I decided to go wandering. 
Not all who wander are lost. 

I just wanted to step away from all the busy and be calm. 
The wind was blowing very fierce. Not quite Sasha fierce but enough to get the trees a bustling. 
I love that sound. 
If I could bottle it up and just put it in my pockets for those times when you just want to scream I would. Wouldn't that be great?
I mean I realise they have white noise apps, cds and you can record it but it's not as real as when your stuck in the middle of it all. 

Ahhhhh nature. 

When you need to just step back and have some you time where is it? 

Thank you all by the way for the feedback. 
I don't have quite enough questions yet for a vlog post but I have noted them and will answer them when and hopefully if some more questions come in. 

For now I am going to put some Gossip Girl on. 
Snuggle with Luna and maybe even have a Skype date with my beautiful mother and Oma. 

Have a lovely Saturday y'all. 


  1. My favourite post ever xxx

  2. this is a beautiful post! we have forests like this where i live, and i love spending an afternoon exploring and enjoying the peace and quiet.

    1. Ahhh it's so nice and peaceful isn't it. Oh to be one with nature. :)


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