Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Reading: Well I just finished the last Hunger Games book and am now looking for something new to get lost in. Please I would love some suggestions? But blog wise check out this AMAZING post by my friend Brittany (Newly engaged CONGRATS :)) over at Itty Bitty Bomb. How absolutely adorable does she look? I mean hello gorgeous and how inspirational and empowering. Im so proud of you Brittany for sharing such a personal piece of yourself. Chin Chin. Also over on Hannah's blog she's got some lovely little Jubileeness going on. Another lovely lady I'd like to take my hat off too. I dont know if you guys realize how much she's had on her plate and then still finds time to blog for me. Which I've been lacking ever so much. How amazing are her playlists? I'm loving them. I'm quite excited to get lost in all the mixes on my way back home. 

Watching: Life go by so fast. Is it seriously almost July 27? Have David and I actually been married almost a year? How is this even possible I feel like I was just picking David up from the airport as my boyfriend and driving him back as my fiance. I feel like I've lived in England for a century. If you aren't my friend on facebook and haven't seen the little video I put up on vimeo from our wedding you can view it here. Ahhhh whats that? Oh just nostalgia knocking on the door.

Anticipating: I'm going to sound like a complete broken record stuck on repeat but going home. I haven't seen my mom in shy of a year. I haven't been home in a year and some change. I am so ready to just literally lay in the pool with my mom and oma. HIGHLY SUNSCREENED. Get my eat on with so many deliciousness. Bake, sew and hopefully give knitting another go.

Laughing about: these funny pictures on Emma's blog of David trying to steal my ice cream. Don't come in between me and my ice cream. NO JOKE. :) He's lucky he even got a small bit. Next time he will learn to get his own. OH i do love him I'm only kidding. I'd share my ice cream anyday with him. 

Listening to: Other than like EVERYTHING that was on Music Mondays. David has found this SICK band that we have been literally blasting non stop in the Aden house. I just love the grit and imperfections that make it perfect. Oh I can just imagine them to be so amazing live. Mmmmm. This one and The Plank are my favourite of theirs if I had to chose although they are all brilliant.

Eating: Well nothing I'm actually in bed but I did have some nice strawberries and raspberries before I came to bed.

Working on: a few things actually. David and I have been working on our future plans (again NO this does not entail  babies before my mom starts grinning and getting excited on the other side of the screen). We are taking this pretty serious and have been really really working out plans and research on our special project. I've been trying to work on some time management so I can blog more, spend time with David, work and also fit in some gym time and then also down time.

Wishing: Family lived closer. Certain Friends lived closer. That it was warmer. Money grew on trees. Mornings didn't come so fast. The list goes on...

Thanks again for Danielle  who've I get inspiration for these posts. She gets them from Megan the  original inspiration for these posts.

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  1. You are just the sweetest gal. Thank you so much! <3


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