Monday, 9 July 2012

Music Mondays

Welcome back, apologies for missing last week I was away in a muddy field with no signal and completely at one with nature and music! The best!

Anyway, tonight I am back delivering the goods and forgive me if I am wrong but these are flipping fantastic. As I mentioned in an earlier post, although I love all things folk and sublime haunting sounds I do tend to flip over and send some floor fillers your way... well not exactly but let's go.

Ellie Goulding ft. Tinie Tempah - 'Hanging On'

Rhythmically reminiscent of Florence & The Machine's mystical harping, the new demo released on Ellie Goulding's SoundCloud today is definitely one I fancy quite a bit this Summer.
Having seen Ellie live several times I can tell you, this girl is bursting full of musical abilities and I haven't been so excited for an album release since I was about 8 waiting for SClub7...
With a rather fresh, new sound, bassy/electronic backing tracks and experimental vibes, Goulding tweeted, 'Here's the beginning of my new journey' and what a brilliant one that seems to be.

'Hanging On' is a cover taken from the Active Child track, of the same name. However there is no denying Goulding has taken this and left her mark, with her sublime vocals and production. I really can't wait to hear more and who knows, it may be the first release from her new album!

Of Monsters & Men - 'Little Talks'

Back to the ever fabulous folky roots with a bang. This song is just genius and like the above, definitely a wonderful Summer song. It's also safe to say that Iceland are really taking a front seat with their musical talents of late, with the likes of Sigur Ros and this, wonderful up and coming indie folk band.

This six piece band began in 2009 and were later signed in 2011 ahead of the release of their debut album. Having entered Musiktilraunir (Iceland's annual battle of the bands) as a quartet, going on to win the competition, the Icelandic indie-folk band have gone on to stun America and England alike.

Following their win at Musiktilraunir, the band added two more members, collectively displaying outstanding musical ability, the accordian, glockenspril, melodica, drums, soft, sweet vocals, the list really does go on... Since, the band have propelled, attracting global recognition and becoming one of the most talked about bands off the back of their South by Southwest performance. I urge you to check them out, if it's the only thing you do today!

Francois & The Atlas Mountains - 'Edge of Town'

I introduce to you the wonderful, Francois & The Atlas Mountains. It's hard to believe, having arrived in Bristol from France back in 2003, Francois started the search for instruments and people to play music with him through drawing a picture and note announcing his arrival and becoming a regular at the local car boot. It was in 2004 however, he played his first show, charming many hearts about town and later that year, released his debut album, Les Anciennes Flaises. 

In 2005, Francois formed The Altas Mountains with a group of friends, which led them to later tour Europe and the UK, supporting the likes of Adrian Orange and Electrelane. The bands latest album, E VOLO LOVE, was produced in 2010, reflecting both pop and electronica influences throughout. This led to an increased support from France, allowing Francois & The Atlas Mountains to grace festivals and radio waves throughout the country.

Edge of Town is a French single, originally released in 2011 featuring percussive drumming beats, dreamy vocals and heavenly guitar chimes, creating the perfect summer listen.  

Passenger - 'Feather On The Clyde'

Now, hats off to my friend for introducing me to the wonderful work of Passenger. After one listen it's safe to say I was hook, line and sinker. I guess every now and again, a lot of late - an artist comes along and stops you in your tracks, these guys did just that.

Formed in 2003, by Michael Rosenberg and BAFTA award-winning film and TV soundtrack composer, Andrew Philips, Passenger spent three years before releasing two singles in 2006, constantly touring and busking on the streets. Their debut album, Wicked Man's Rest was released in 2007, written over a period of two and a half years. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, Rosenberg  displayed a rich talent, stripped back with an observant style of writing.

Having toured with the likes of Kate Nash, Scouting for Girls and The Hold Steady, the album is a perfect mix of everything good.

However, it's their 2012 release that's got people even more excited. With his delicate vocals and poignant lyrics and melodies, Mike Rosenberg aka. Passenger has created something exceptionally beautiful through his album release, All The Little Lights, telling a story from song to song. Reaching number 9 in the Australian charts, I predict big things from these guys and urge you to go check them out, right away.

Newton Faulkner - 'Clouds'

With the release of his third album coming today infact, brit nominated acoustic singer-songwriter, Newton is back and sounding so good. Well I am not sure he ever left but I feel he's come back strong as can be and I am so damn happy.

Having previously sold over 1 million albums in the UK alone and his debut album Hands Built By Robots, becoming one of the top 20 biggest selling UK albums of all time, I was expecting a lot from his third album and first single, Clouds. 

However, the result? An album full of imagination and spontaneity. The single, Clouds, in my eyes is the perfect first single release. With a catchy rhythm and Newton's signature sound, I expect it'll be on a lot of Summer playlists this year.

That's all for now folks, hope you've enjoyed and safe flight to the lovely Tanja xx


  1. i've been listening to ellie and of monsters and men all week long! glad you posted about them... i was planning on putting them on my blog for my next music monday! :)

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