Saturday, 18 February 2012

too baggy too long

Random question? Why do most long sleeve button down(or up) shirts have baggy sleeves? It really baffles me. I absolutely adore plaid shirts and just buttoned shirts in general. I mean hello collar. Only problem is that the shirt may be fitted and then the sleeves are so very loose. No matter what size the shirt is. 

Also on sizing. Why do guys get to pick what length jeans they want? Girls are stuck with petite, tall or somewhere in the middle. Somewhere in the middle is your "average" person. I'm not short enough to be wearing petite unless I'm waiting for the floods and then normal needs to be rolled a good few times before my toes are showing. I would really like a pair of skinny jeans that rise just below the ankle but don't touch the floor but don't look like they've shrunk in the dryer or so tight around my ankle the rest of me feels like it's going to explode blood flow shortage. 

Is that too hard to ask for? 
Do any of you have any tips? 

What are your clothing peeves? Please share!!

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