Friday, 17 February 2012

new beginnings

 Well Hello there! So for some reason I have exceeded my photo upload limit on Photography by Tanja. So therefore the last hour or so has been making She sailed the sea. Basically I've been wanting to change over from Photography by Tanja anyways but was just going to change the name. I have been brainstorming and going back and forth with names. I was trying to think of something that had to do with  my life but didn't just narrow down the blog's purpose. So after many failed attempts of names She sailed the sea just kind came to mind. I might not have literally sailed the sea to get to David but I sure did cross it.

So from returning to work I have found that I know have Fridays off. Yay for three day weekends. Today I had a mile long check list and I really did almost get everything done. I had like a massive tidy and organised lots of things.

I still haven't really shared our living room transformation yet so here are a few pictures from around the room.

Another one of the bridesmaids bouquets and an owl from Heather, an owl from mom and an owl I deco paged which were all decor for the wedding. To the right is a typewriter David received from our dear friend Ty for Christmas. 

While I was in Florida I realised I really want to be more organised. Heather has things all nicely put together and it just seems so effortless. I also try this concept but seems to last maybe a day. I really want to get into the hang of being more tidy and putting things back in their home right after using them. Not having a big clean up at the end of the week. Someday we will have kids and that will create it's own tornado in the house that I don't want my clothes, shoes, make up, scarves, tights and bobby pins everywhere and anywhere. So last night I had a clean through the dozen make up bags I have scattered around the house. Tossed things that I never wear and also just created ONE home for it all. I really want to make this new years resolution really come true among my other things I vowed to do this year. 

Think it might be time to experiment with a few more shades dontcha think? 

Now for todays picture 359 of 365:
In mom's package were some jolly ranchers. She know's I'm a sucker for sweets. 

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  1. I love the inspiration here! I especially love your wall shelves and decor!

    I'm so glad I've happened upon your blog!!!

    1. awww thanks so much :)
      Nice to know it doesn't look like a rambled mess.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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