Monday, 30 April 2012


Monday already? Sheesh. Where did the weekend go? 
I'm really looking forward to Music Mondays today. I can't express how thankful I am for Hannah helping with my iTunes lack of music. Plus I'm hopefully going to be getting a new iPhone soon so I will have my library up and ready for some tune age. Don't forget to check out her blog Daisy Digital
Some things lately. 

- I don't remember if I told you guys or not but I kind of did a little something something with Poppy Love Vintage. She talks about it here. I really was touched by the lovely things she said and it was really sweet knowing that someone you'd been Facebook stalking was in turn stalking you back. You can check out her amazing stuff out on her ASOS boutique page.

- We reorganised our bedroom and when we moved our bed we found a nest of things that I thought I'd lost but Luna actually was just hiding them. Contact cases, make up brushes, tweezers, pens among many other odd things. 

3. As I'm sure you've noticed my new blog design that Don from Adeline's Daddy is working on. Isn't it fantastic? Once it's all finished we can talk about it more, but for now why don't you check out some of his other work. 

-I've been taking lots of salads in for my lunch at work and just to add a bit of protein and fibre I've been obsessing with Buckwheat and Quinoa. It's not too filling but does keep me going the rest of the day. Especially when I've joined a new gym with a friend and we've been going after work. Do you have any other fun healthy adds to spruce up a salad? 

-I know I sound like a flipping broken record but I'm so over this stupid weather. It is now May and I'm still wearing my winter coat. I went to the match Saturday and wore 3 long sleeves shirts underneath my winter coat. So not cool mother nature. 

-I'm signing up for my first actual marathon. It's a 5k so it's only small but gotta start somewhere. I'm pretty excited. If it's something your interested in it check  race for life for more details. 

- I miss instagram more than ever and I can't wait to get an iphone again.

-I am OBSESSED with this girls voice. She pretty much brings me to tears everytime she sings. Team Ruth

-I'm quite envious of my friend Emma because she gets to be around these everyday.

Right off my lunch is over. Off to working I go. 
Why don't you go have a gander at some Beautiful things and maybe even order? :) 

Take care.


  1. Ohhh my goodness. LOVE LOVE your hair, and your cute tops. Adorable.

    1. awww thank you so much. I'm trying to grow it out it doesn't feel so cute. You made my day :)

  2. I miss you on instagram!!! Dang girl...a marathon you are a champion :) have a wonderful day sweets!!

    1. I'm going to be back on instagram tomorrow!!! yay for iphones again lol. oh gosh im so nervous about marathon!! Hope your doing good beautiful!


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