Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sundays Wishlist

Sundays Wishlist

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 
Mine was pretty good I must say. I went shopping with Clare and now I'm daydreaming of lots of goodies that I saw but didn't purchase. 
My brother in law brought me a big massive can of pumpkin and bags of marshmallows.
Everton DIDN'T lose. 
We went and saw Skyfall. A bit overrated but good. 
Now every weekend in November is filled with exciting things. 
Next weekend we are going to Milton Keynes to see our friends. 
The following weekend we are going to Germany to visit my family. 
Weekend commencing that is my TWENTY FIFTH birthday. 
How is ^ even possible? I remember just turning 16 and going for a drive in my new car that I'd been staring at since I was 15 and wanting to drive while it waited patiently for me to turn 16 in our driveway. 
My oh my next think you know I'm going to be 86. lol 
I like getting older though. I'm not really that upset, more nostalgic than anything.

Here nor there. 
What's on YOUR weekend wish list? What have you been lusting over? 

How is it already Sunday night? 
Pfff bring on November.


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