Saturday, 6 October 2012

Anniversary Weekend 35mm Black and White Prints

 Thursday July 26th I woke up by my husband to tell me that I wasn't going into work nor was I the next day we were going to head down to Somerset for Farm Festival ( a music festival). We were going camping and traveling for our one year anniversary. I couldn't have been happier. Live music, cider, cuddling, wellies, just the two of us just sounded like a good time. He had called my boss and booked the two days off for me. Everyone in work had kept it a secret. We headed down on the Friday and it was the most amazing weekend. We saw loads of really amazing bands, ate lots of fudge, drank lots of cider, fell asleep OUTSIDE of our tent staring at the stars talking about our dreams and how we want to make them happen. Then on the Sunday we decided since we were already down South we would go to Stonehenge as we both have always wanted to go and then have a little stop off in Bath.

Here are the film pictures I've finally received back (Apparently printing black and white film is going out of style so therefore they have to send it off and then wait patiently as your images are being printed.) I love every single one of these images. I love the imperfections the blurriness and just the real moments captured.

 Bath, England
    At the Roman Baths

  Bath, England
 Bath, England

 Stone Henge

 I love this. 

 Farm Festival 2012

 Farm Fone 

 I'm so lucky to live the rest of my life with this handsome face. This is probably one of my favourite pictures of him. 


  1. I love this :) Jacob and I want to see the stone henges so bad! Were they amazing?

    1. It was alot more amazing than expected. I thought it would be cool dont get me wrong but I didnt realise how overpowering it was you walk over the hill and see it and its just mesmerizing. The whole concept and everything. You should come and visit and we can go :)


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