Friday, 5 October 2012

Pale is the new Tan

Well the weather is getting colder, the skies are getting greyer and our tans are fading. With trying to keep our nice glows people are probably going to start hitting the tanning beds. I'm going to cut straight to the chase and say DON'T.

Now let me fill you in with a nasty little secret. I used to tan in tanning beds. Like everyday of the week. I once tanned in the morning, laid out in the sun and then tanned that evening as well. Just even typing that makes me feel sick. I'm not proud of it but I'm just saying I to know how hard it is to go from the summer heat to nasty grey weather and fading tans. I will never ever be able to take that away. Is it worth it though in the long run? We all think well, just this last time. Just a few more times I only go in every once in awhile. That's like saying you only smoke a few cigarettes (that subject is for a whole other blog post). Once it's done it's done. That's a small bit of health you will never get back you can't undo a tan. You can't undo the air into your lungs.

I used to roll my eyes when people would say don't do that it's unhealthy. You could get cancer. Me? No way. Whatever... that would never happen. Then being 4,000 miles away as I sat skyping with my mother and seeing her fight the tears to tell me that the doctor found a cancerous mole and the test results said it was severe Melanoma. Now that's a virtual slap in the face. I wanted to rub my skin rid of all the times I'd been so foolish for what? To be a bit darker? Being something I wasn't.

It's always that though isn't it. You do something so many times until something happens and it's a wake up call. You can't go back in the past and change things. You can change what you do from this moment on ward. I know it's cheesy and it's sounds so patronizing but please folks, as the days are getting darker let your skin be lighter. I do agree most people look nice with a bit of colour but I've said it and I'll say it again, is it really worth it?

If anything grab that bottle of gradual tan. Put some of that on. Protect yourself. This is the only life you get. What you did yesterday is now over today is a new day. It's never too late to change your ways until it's the end.

I will never ever step foot in a tanning bed again. Will you?



  1. I've never been into a tanning bed, I have a phobia that they are full of germes! I prefer me looking pale! I look weird when I'm tanned and my legs don't even tan! and stretch marks are more visible when you're tanned :D
    Thank you for this lovely post. I enjoyed it so much. X Deja
    Deja Zu

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