Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm a Sweet Tooth; Rice Crispy Treats

 Now that Halloween is approaching I've been finding myself turning to child hood favourites. Now I know basically being American this recipe everyone knows. So this is more of a little recipe for my non  American lovelies.

It's beyond simple you will actually wonder why you've never made them before. Too be honest as well, the English version is actually a bit healthier. Which means its totes ok to demolish basically a whole pan with your husband right? Maybe not but hey you only live once.

4 cupsTesco's Own Rice Snaps ( the reason I say healthier because this version is no added sugar, so unlike the Rice Krispy brand of cereal which has I think like 9 or 10g of sugar to the Tesco's 2g) I know this is a sweet treat but it's always good to try and cut out added sugar as much as possible where you can.
1 cup Peanut butter
1 cup Marshmallow Puff ( YESSSSS THEY SELL THIS IN THE UK NOW!!!!!!) Also a no added sugar version. It's still very sweet.  Generally I'd probably use a bag of Marshmallows but I'm sorry to break it to you English folks, your marshmallows are garbage compared to the US's. Yes the American version probably has so much more additives and refined things that is what makes it sweeter and better but hey.... in Murica

Yes 3 ingredients. Now you really are wondering where this recipe has been all your life.

*I'd like to add that if you do not like peanut butter you can omit this and add extra marshmallow.

You could also add melted chocolate instead or as a bonus. Again, this is such a versatile easy recipe.

Melt the mallow and peanut butter mix together place over the rice crispy and mix. (shown above)
Then place in a lightly greased cooking pan and just evenly place in the pan with a spatula. Let cool in fridge so it can all set and bind together. Give an hour and basically dig in.

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