Saturday, 13 October 2012

Make your own Chai Spice

Right so I've been using Chia a lot when baking whether its the Chia Tea bags or the Chia Latte Spice mix. I ALWAYS use Cinnamon in everything. So I thought why not cable my own little mix together to cut out a step when baking. So I thought I would share my little spice mix. It is quite strong with the Nutmeg and Cloves so I would just test it out and then add more cinnamon or more tea to your liking.

4x Chia Tea bags torn open and placed in a bowl (I used Twining Chai)
4 Tbsp Cinnamon
3 Tbsp Nutmeg
3 Tbsp Cloves
1/2 Vanilla pod

Mix it all together and store in a jar to add to coffee, sprinkle a little in your oatmeal instead of sugar, over cut apples warmed up in the microwave, freeze a banana blend the next day sprinkle some of this up for non dairy freeze treat. Boil with some milk and add to your coffee for a fall-ish blend. Place with ice, milk, coffee in a blender for your own frozen coffee. The options are endless :)

Have a Happy Saturday!

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  1. This looks delicious! And perfect for chilly autumn evenings. Thanks for sharing! x


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