Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Loving: Beetroot at the moment. I've been eating it savoury and sweet.  My three favourite ways are as follows: 1. Beetroot, Braeburn Apples chopped and a little Feta cheese with a bit of sea salt. 2. Beetroot, Granola, Greek Yoghurt and some agave syrup. 3. Beetroot and cucumber with a small spread of Philly on Whole Wheat seed bread. Do you have any other beetroot ideas? I really want to try some beetroot Ice cream which I saw over at Vanilla and Lace

Reading: Other than the usual blogs, unfortunately with work and everything going on reading has taken a back burner. Although I'm hoping to get a few books on the reading asap. The Paris Wife is currently next on my to read list. Any other recommendations?

Watching: Currently a program about the planets. I'm kind of a nerd like that and am so awe struck by this amazing world. Also, we watched some good movies over the weekend. The girl with the dragon tattoo and warrior. Anyone seen them? WOW! I didn't think I would like TGWDT but it was soo good. I thought Daniel Craig was brilliant, and I loved Rooney Mara.  

Thinking about: How little I take photographs. As demanding as it was and how bored I did get of it I miss the 365 photo a day challenge because I felt I would challenge myself with my camera to get more creative and take more pictures to share. Maybe something of the sort is needed. I need to get to snapping. My heart skips a beat just hearing that click sound. Ah how I love it. 

Surprised by: How reasonably well everything has been going in our favour lately. I don't mean that as in like our lives are horrible. I just mean certain things that we haven't expected to really go our way have worked out or even just random things. For example our electric company sent us a letter and instead of asking for money sent us money because we haven't used as much as we paid for. Then also we basically had money sent to us because we overpaid in taxes or something to that manor. It's just nice little things like that sometimes. 

Making me sad: As some of you may know from my Facebook status the other night, Luna has gone into heat. It's so heart breaking hearing her poor little pur and cry out. It's crazy how it's actually happened and panned out. Has anyone's cat gone through this? Well basically she goes around the house purring and cooing a massive annoying mating call. She is basically in a sexual position ready for a male cat to... well there is no way of saying other than, give it to her. Thankfully she is a house cat and this will not be happening. Thursday she is getting fixed. Unthankfully, seeing as she is an indoor cat it's literally constant 24/7 offing meowing and crying and it's the most f*ing annoying thing. Like I actually want to rip my hair out it's so irritating. This makes me sad because I don't want to be upset with her but doesn't she know that I need my sleep? Doesn't she know that David is like a big bad monster if he doesn't get sleep. I basically think she is letting us know that even though we already knew it, we are in no way shape or form ready for kids. I mean literally a big hats off to all the moms out there. Sheeesh. 

Making me happy: A lot of little things lately. Especially things like waking up to text messages off my mother saying she loves me and misses me. <3

What are YOU currently doing? 

Thanks Danielle for giving me something to blog about.


  1. Beetroot!? I've never tried it before, but now I'm kind of curious!
    Love your surprised explanation :)
    And lastly, your poor kitty. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon... well after you know :)

    1. Yes beetroot! It's so fresh and lovely can be savoury or sweet!!! Let me know if you try anything :)
      Thank you!!!
      Oh she's much better! She's missing some fur but she ain't got that itch no mo if you know what I mean ;)

  2. Love beetroot too. Love with smoked salmon , just mixed beeetroot with a bit of salt and mayonnaise.on a plate I kind of layer wild rocket, beetroots and smoked salmon.Yumm,yumm!Perfect!
    I'm so sorry to hear about Luna. We have girl (cat) Tigra as well and she is indooor cat as well. I know how it is when she wants boys.Gosh, we struggle for months, because our first cat Chika we lost just because we wanted to fix her.She couldn't cope with anesthesia.Oh, we lost our baby.That how it was.Even now we thinking about her burst in to tears.So to bring to vet Tigra and fix was the hardest thing ever. I staid with her till she fell a sleep and the moment when she wake up.I'm glad I did!For 3 days we was with her all the time. Gosh, it was so hard to see her till she recover. It's not as simple as everyone say.Not at all.But we glad that we did it, because Tigra now seems so happy. She loves her food and she are more happy about life, before she was so picky with food and din't eat proper.She was all the time frustrated. She is our baby. and she have used to that she is loved.She is our family.It's so great to see her happy again.She is again so playful and sweet girl as she was.
    I hope Luna will recover much better and faster than Tigra did.All the best to you all.

    xoxo Ra

    1. Oh my beetroot and smoked salmon I never thought of that thank you I def need to try that. I love salmon!
      Oh Poor Chika :( I'm so sorry. It's so hard losing an animal. Although they are animals they touch our souls and once that happens our heart kind of clings to them and they almost become our children/friend. So happy Tigra is good and that she recovered! I bet that was hard for you! Luna is doing really well and just like Tigra seems to have a bit more of an appetite! She also seems much more calm!
      Thanks for stopping by! xxo


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