Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hair breakthrough

So have you ever had one of those moments where you find a product and you ask the product where have you been all my life? It probably won't respond because products can't talk but it's that good that for a moment you forget and you just really want to know the answer? Well that happened at about 11 o'clock in the morning yesterday when I was in the shower and I put this stuff on my hair. I mean AMAZING.

I'm sure you can imagine how damaged my hair is I mean just in this last year I've gone ombre, auburn, dark brown, lighter, bleach blonde to light blonde. Maybe I should have a hair intervention? Here goes, Tanja stop colouring your hair. No but really, my hair is very dry. Imagine yourself in the middle of the dessert in the middle of the day and you've been walking for hours. Imagine how parched your mouth would be, that my friend is my hair. Well was my hair.

I've been wanting to try a conditioner without sulphates because although conditioners make my hair feel nice right as you wash it out and you think wow its going to be so soft but then when it dries it goes back to being that brittle fried looking hot mess. Sans Hot. Not a hot look. Back to wanting to try new conditioners.... I've tried loads of conditioning masks, different brands, I've even tried Morocanoil which is supposed to be the biggest miracle worker but nothing has really made any difference. I've heard that Sulphate free is the way to go especially if you have coloured your hair. I wanted to try some Bedhead products as I have heard they are pretty good for sulphate free. When I was walking through Boots on Friday night I saw this Loreal Everpure Colour Care System and I also saw the price and thought to myself, probably won't work but I'll give it a go. I also thought it was going to smell really not so nice.

Let me just say; Oh my rosemary and mint, the smell is just the added bonus. You know when you go to the hair salon and they start to wash your hair and it just smells amazing and then you don't want to wash your hair for days because you don't want that smell to go away? I mean obviously if you leave it for say, a week it's not going to smell like roses. But those roses really smell like boo boo. Stay on track Tanja; yes anyways, back to what I was saying. It smells like that. It's a mixture of Biolage and maybe Bumble and Bumble? Which are probably two of my favourite shampoo/conditioners. Not so much on the price.

Smell aside, I put it all over the head and then extra on the ends, left it on while I shaved my legs and rinsed. Oh my silky. I put even a little bit more on the ends just because my hair is THAT damaged. THen rinsed immediately. Right so most conditioners pass this test of being silky smooth when the water is going through but it's the finished product I'm after. I blow dried my hair. I didn't need to straighten it. That right there, if you have ever seen my just blow dried would know this is basically impossible unless I'm going to an 80's party. My hair is so smooth I can't stop running my fingers through it. Even David yesterday ran his fingers through my hair at one point (no not in that way, although... no I'm just kidding.) and said wow your hair is so silky. All I have to say is if a MAN is going to notice how soft hair is, that right there shows you how good it is. Seriously guys. BREAK THROUGH!!! I'll let you know in a week if it's still holding up to the test.

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