Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

 I'm typing this from my food coma. Today, the Adens decided to head to Sefton Park for the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. Lets just say we ate, and then we ate and then we ate some more. We had some Pimms, and some Rekorderlig. Lots of good food I must add though. David tried numerous pulled pork sandwiches, had some frog legs and we indulged in churros and chocolate, honey roasted cashews which are a person favourite and to top it off we both got a cupcake to go home. I mean if your going to go to a food festival you need to pull out the Man V. Food style eating. 

Well not exactly that far but we definitely are done for the day and probably could be done for the week. Stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving, I am. 

This is happening right now:

Oh yes my friends. I'm eating my oreo cupcake as I type up this post. Sorry if I just take a moment and say I'm kind of in cupcake heaven right now. 
If you didn't know, oreos are on my list of weakness.
Random question how do YOU eat your oreos? When I'm not devouring them in cupcakes, I prefer them mostly with peanut butter. Who would have guessed? Me, adding peanut butter to something? No wonder I can't keep a jar in my house. I have to just stay away. Small doses. Or I'd end up like Ben Stiller in the end of Dodgeball. No, actually I can't see that ever happening either.

Honestly though, dying right now. 

And it's gone. Now for some pictures, I was going to do an instagram post but I'm sure you've already seen them on instagram so no need for me to upload those. Here are a few snaps from the day. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xox


This is what happens when you give your husband the camera. This is just fuzzy me drinking a Pimms. What better way to make the day even more healthier than by adding alcohol. 



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