Monday, 3 September 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop

Louise Gray for Topshop

I adore this new line Louise Gray is doing for Topshop.
I don't think I could possibly be ballsy enough to wear these colours but I feel very inspired. 
I have a passion for bright and bold colours. 
I wish I had somewhere to wear a sequinned dress and I just might actually be that bold. 
But I don't think this quite calls for coffee with the husband?  

So what'd you think? 



  1. You should absolutely wear it to coffee with your hubby! I want that sweater with the smiley faces haha! Do you know when the line is released?

    1. Right? I mean totes walk up in the coffee shop looking like a queen. Who am I kidding I am a D8mn queen ;). I do believe this line is already released my dear. I saw the make up this past weekend when I was in the store!!


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