Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I'm a blonde and I hate toddlers and tiaras

So this kind of happened today. It was just what I needed to be honest. The minute the towel was removed from my head and I saw that blonde goodness I instantly felt a sparkle of joy. 
I like the no hassle low maintenance darkness. For about a minute. Then I immediately miss blonde. 
What's the saying blonde's have more fun? No I actually think anyone can have it's just what your most comfortable in. I've been dancing around the house all day with excitement. 

I also got it trimmed in the back so I no longer look like I have a mullet. As much as I love Arkansas that is ONE trend I really don't want to be sporting. 

Speaking of Arkansas. I was watching LA INK and then left the room and came into the computer room (which is literally a mere few feet away). None other than Toddlers and Tiaras comes on after this program. Where are the moms from today? Oh Arkansas of course. It's bad enough people look at me with sheer confusion after asking me where I'm from. "I'm sorry but where is that" the ones who do know where is it know it because a. Bill Clinton. B. Johnny Cash c. Little Rock. I once actually had a man tell ME that Little Rock was the state and Arkansas was a town inside Little rock. He seriously was trying to argue with me that he was right. Whatevs. Moving on. I might possibly go on a rant here about Toddlers and Tiaras because once I get started I kind of can't stop. This is also coming from a girl who once DID beauty pageants. I will say though that my mother NEVER forced me nor did she spend loads of money she handmade my outfits. I did not look like a 7 year old stripper nor did I dance like I belonged in a Lil Wayne music video. I remember all the other girls at the pageants with all the who ha and works and I just showed up in my pink froo froo dress that my mom pretty much decorated her self and I slept in a few braids the night before for some curls. Next subject.
Who else sees the wrong in this program? I mean it's definitely not teaching little girls that being beautiful means loads of make up, false teeth, eye lashes and fake tans. Especially at say, age 7? No not at all. The fact that a mother will introduce her daughter at the beginning of a program and then once the pageant day is here say see she looks prettier now. The fact that another girl is screaming and kicking because she DOESNOTWANTTODOTHIS isn't a sign that she might grow up hating you because you forced her to do something she didn't want to do and she will never feel beautiful in your eyes. I think growing up in our day in age is hard enough as it is with the magazines, television and internet telling us what we should look like let alone having a mother fixing your looks to look prettier. Spending 800 dollars on a custom bathing suit? Where the hell are you getting this kind of money and why aren't you saving it for your child's future education then wasting it on diamontes and neon green sparkle pants. She does NOT look seven. I actually think some of it should be illegal to be shown on television. You're putting your innocent daughter out there for disgusting creepos to look at in a way she should NOTbe looked at. This is also part of the people who are obsessed with what Kim Kardashian is doing and OHmyGOSH she was just seen at Starbucks talking to the guy behind the counter. Who is she and why is she famous? Can someone please explain this to me? Where did she even come from? Is she really Pocahontas? Great now that's solved can she just get on John Smith's ship and get off my television screen please? I couldn't believe that when I was stateside last month she was on CNN. Spotted Kimmy K. Sorry I am just really confused. Rant over. For now. 


  1. I love being blonde :D
    great post - made me giggle :) xoxo

  2. Your hair looks lovely, glad you are happier back as a blonde. Also love what your wearing in the first photo, peter pan collar...love it!! This post made me laugh a lot, totally agree with you and seriously enjoy your rantings! I read it out to Michael, it made us feel like you were here xx

  3. i love your hair: it is a great color for you. and super cute shirt! I also hate Toddlers and Tiaras!!!!!!!!! It makes me so sad that these families spend so much money on these pageants when they seem to have nothing. As you said they should be saving it for the child's future education, but it seems that a lack of education on the parents' part is what has aloud them to be involved in such ridiculousness.

    loving your blog!

  4. Rant posts are my favorite. I laughed through this entire thing. T&T is such a train wreck. Those teeny tiny little babies with fake teeth and tans and fake nails and wigs?! That is not real life! I think it should be illegal and i think someone should slap those moms upside the head. And Kim k? Omg don't even get me started. So much draaaama. Unnecessary.

  5. hahaha i just randomly stumbled on your blog, I'm from arkansas too! its a hard battle overcoming the horrible name so many have given it, including the pageant moms and mullet moms,dads,kids. anyways, hello and i love your little rant :)


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