Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happiness hit her like a train on the track

As some of you may know I went to watch Florence last Thursday with two of my friends Clare and Alex. It amazes me how inspiring being an artist must be. I mean her voice brought millions together that night. Everyone swaying dancing screaming You've got the love. Her voice is so empowering. Yet when she speaks it's so dainty and delicate. I find she's beautiful in an unusual way that I can't quite pinpoint. She was wearing like a leotard pant type thing underneath this like cloak that she was flowing around on stage in. As she does. I almost walked out of a 22 student Biology class because I was that nervous to get up and say my name. I can't even imagine being in front of that many people. Oh the intimidation. 
I still can't actually believe I was there. Listening as she screams "Run fast for your mother; run fast for...." in my ears as my feet are pounding against the treadmill. There she was prancing around on stage singing it right into my soul. I understand she might not be everyones cup of tea but damn girl has got a voice. 

I just adore her fashion as well. Those floral pant suits?I totally wish I could wear them. Her flowy numbers. Oh get in my closet now. She just has this essence about her. Her bright red hair. Red lips.Inspires you to be bold. It also makes me want to channel my inner hippie that is screaming to come back out again. Summer time please hurry so I can make this happen. 

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Have you been to a gig lately? Who? Why do you listen to who you listen to? Do you rate the song on the lyrics or just the catchiness? 


  1. I've gone gig crazy lately, I have written a few reviews, Ben Howard, The Staves, Daughter, Matthew and the Atlas, Michael Kiwanuka & The Civil Wars. Highly recommend all of them, absolutely brilliant month of gigs. All the songs I listen to of late are much a similar sort of genre but ever so different. Florence also features as one of my most listened to artists. Bloody love her! Love this and Im totes jel. :) xxx

  2. As you know we went to see Maverick Sabre recently and he was amazing, you could have closed your eyes and thought you were listening to the album at home he was so pitch perfect! The Roundhouse in Camden is also an amazing, I don't know if you've been to Camden yet but we should definitely go, you would love love love it!! Off to Emeli Sande in April, tickets bought by Michael for Valentines, can't wait, I think she too is going to be awesome. The only other band I am desperate to see at the moment is two door cinema club, they are very good, very clever vocals, really catchy but quirky too. xx

    1. also meant to add that I bet Florence was amazing!! I've not seen her live, but singing live on tv, she is spine tingling then, so must have been veyr special hearing that voice live. xx

  3. Love Florence. I don't understand how these people get up in front of a million people and do their thang without a hitch and I'm just like you, I get all sweaty palms heart racing nervous to just say my name in class. And when I have to give a speech? I might as well die a million deaths.


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