Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The worst blogger award goes to.... drum roll please. 
Tanja Aden. 

I am so sorry. Literally every night last week I was in bed by 830 and asleep by 9. I have been so worn out it's not even funny. I've wanted to blog everyday when I got home and made note to actually do it and then I'd get home and my bed just looked so comfy. 

Nothing that exciting has been happening in Tanja world but here are few Instagrams to catch you up. 

I've been eating alot of Salmon. A friend K* commented on my instagram and asked if I could be her cook. Y'all this is so simple.

Pre-heat the oven to about 200C Start with a sheet of aluminum foil. Place the fresh salmon in the middle of the aluminum. Sprinkle with your preffered spice. I used a curry spice with a bit of paprika.

Wrap the salmon in like a parcel place in the oven on the rack for about 10-12 minutes.

For the roasted vegetables (above I used Carrots, Parsnip and Zucchini).

Peeled and cut into small pieces. Steamed the veg so they were just remotely soft then drizzled olive oil over them and then placed them in a glass baking dish with some sea salt into the oven to roast.

Viola. You can also pre cook and then use the next day as seen above with butterbeans, olives and beetroot for my lunch.

 Suns out which equals running outside, bare legged dresses, snails and ofcourse summery berries.

Went out with some friends on Saturday. Here's a snippet from before we went out. I have such a good little husband. Since he arrives home 2 hours before I do he does the dishes and laundry and tidies everything. It's so lovely coming home to such a clean house.

Right lunch break is over. Fingers crossed I can do another blog post tonight that I had planned. Have a lovely day!

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