Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day

 Happy Mothers Day Cordelia!
Also to all the amazing mothers out there. 

Almost 25 years ago I came and changed your world. I took up your time, I made you clean my poop, I also decorated the walls in poo, you no longer were able to do the things you wanted because here I was needing your every minute. You sacrificed lots of your years and time to give me the life I have. You from as far as I can remember always were honest with me. (Except that time you told me my blanket was lost when in fact it was in your closet and I found it after snooping one day after school. Tsk tsk. Do you know how many sleepless nights I had with out my bankie? ;) )  You were the mother I could come to when I had questions, you were there to wipe my tears, we can laugh at blonde jokes and we can cry at how much we miss each other. You've had such a tough year and your strength to overcome something so scary. I am so glad that everything is fine now. My world would literally fall apart without you. You are my foundation to life. You molded me to be the woman that will some day be a mother(not any time soon don't get too excited).  You've taught me not to sweat the small stuff. That there is always someone who has it worse. To look at the bright side of things. You've always had the ability to make me smile when all I want to do is scream. Although I now have a husband who does make me smile and knows how to tame my attitude problem. Sometimes I just need my momma. I love the fact that for a good share of your life you stayed with someone and put up with a lot of tough shit just to give me a normal life ( well as normal as OUR life could be) You didn't keep things black and white for me. As much as times were hard and sometimes all we really wanted to do was cry the fact that it made us stronger and form the relationship that we have today I wouldn't change anything. You will always be my best friend no matter what. You've always been that perfect medium of being a mother and best friend. You've never let a day go by without me feeling loved beyond belief. I just hope to return the favour til my very last breathe.

Some of my favourite mom daughter moments:

-The day you walked me down the aisle. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It's always been the two of us. You and me. Always by my side it, I couldn't have handled the nerves without you. You were so beautiful and I just loved taking each step to my husband with you. Always be your little girl.
-This one is a given. My third Christmas when I woke up in the night and opened my presents to find that you got me the book " to grandmothers house we go" (how I remember that I have NO idea). Shoving it under the couch thinking you would never find out. A few days go by and you decide to vacuum behind the couch to find that a present had been opened. Thankfully I was there to explain to you that a squirrel woke me up in the night and I saw he stole my present so I beat him up until he gave me my present back although it somehow opened in the middle of our fight. Pretty good imagination for a 3 year old if I do say so myself.
-I don't know if you would completely call this a memory but just simply laughing with you. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, each Christmas. Literally in tears every time we watch it.  Your laugh is so contagious and I can't wait to be in the house and just hear it again.
-Getting picked up from school in Kindergarten with you and your friends Sabine, Jutta, Tina and going to local lake and swimming endless hours in the day. I'll always be a water rat.
-Being grounded by my father to have you watch television shows that you in no way wanted to watch but you felt bad that I was grounded so you tried to make punishment less unbearable.
- Your blonde moments in general. There are way too many to even begin to start naming them. I don't understand how someone so mathematically smart can also be so ditsy sometimes. It's too cute.
- You, Me and Oma. Three generations of friendships. All the years spent sat around playing cards, laughing, being the three musketeers.
-Having lazy days just laying on the couch or in bed watching stupid television.
-Shopping. Especially when it's your treat. :p

Just to name a few.... as you know I could go on and on and the minute I push publish, I'll remember even loads more that I'll have wanted to share.

I love you so much. Like it literally brings me to tears thinking of how much I love you. How lucky I am. You were not only a mother but also when need be a father. (Minus the sex change, just hypothetically speaking.. duh)You didn't change your name when you and dad got divorced just so we wouldn't have different last names. I can't begin to say how thankful I am that Jim came into our lives. The years of pain you put up with for me because we probably wouldn't have made it very well on our own. I feel mostly responsible but ever grateful. The happiness that comes from Jim's love for you makes me feel it was all meant to be. I know the years and tears cannot be erased but I hope that every day since then are filled with the joy and blissfulness that you deserve.

Everything that I am and hope to ever be I owe to you. ( I can't even really take credit for that I am pretty sure I have read that somewhere. Hallmark card maybe? Either or it's true...)

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