Sunday, 20 May 2012


As you probably have gathered, I am going home in June. I am anticipating;

Seeing my mothers face as I come around the corner at the airport.
Jim's Barbecues.Eating in the back yard. Minus the mosquito bites.
Shopping with my mom and oma.
Meeting Easton and seeing how big Braxton has gotten. Seeing the whole Delude Family.
S'mores with Brandy.
Hopefully making it out to the lake one day.
Sitting on the porch swing just talking the night away.
Sno Cones. Slushies.Sonic Happy Hour.
Runs in the park with the rents new puppy Shadow.
Having my clothes come out of the dryer nice and soft not stiff and itchy.
Seeing friends whom I miss more than they know.
Shopping at Kaitlyn's store Stitch.
Target. Forever 21. Tulsa. Springfield. Dallas.
Chik fil a. Panera. La Huerta. Marble Slab. Papas Pizza.
Rednecks. Yes I actually said it.
Driving with the windows down.
Driving period.
Coffee Dates. Common Grounds. Sweetbay.
Sound of pure nature.
Baking with mom.
Playing interior decorator for mom. (which btw I have been playing with some color schemes for your new bathroom. looking forward to putting in action :)
Going from pale to tan.

Juuuuuust to name a few. So what are your summer plans? Going anywhere nice? What are YOU anticipating?

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  1. Love this, jealous is an understatement.
    Well, I finish University forever on Friday so I guess I am eagerly anticipating my future.... eek! However, I am also anticipating restarting work on weddings everyday and getting to many a music festival :) cannot wait for Summer! :) xxx


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